sql server log sequence numbers for backups

Know About SQL Server Log Sequence Numbers for Backups

 Overview Transaction log is exclusively identified by log sequence number (LSN) in SQL Server. Whenever the users take, the backup of transaction log then, it is stored

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Quick Tips While Compressing Database in SQL Server

 Database compression feature is one of the feature which helps in improving SQL performance by reducing the database storage. SQL Server consumes more CPU resources when it

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Common SQL Server Myths and Misconceptions around Database Repair

 For every SQL Database admin, the database corruption is like a nightmare and surely gives them a tough time. Often, they are the ones who need to

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SQL Server Profiler

Get To Know About Profiler In SQL Server

 SQL server comprises of an inbuilt powerful tool i.e., SQL Server Profiler. This feature or tool is embedded with the server since a long time and is

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How to Compress Database and Transaction Log in SQL Server

 Many Microsoft SQL Server administrators have experienced the problem of significantly increasing the physical size of the database and transaction log files and, of course, they would

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SQL Server Restore Database With Norecovery

 Overview In SQL Server, the process of copying data from a backup & applying logged transactions to the data rolling it forward to target recovery point is

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copy database schema

Copying Structure of SQL Server Database Objects Without Data

 Problem “I am facing some problems while copying my database from one server to another without any data. For an instance, I need an empty SQL database

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How to reset password in SQL Server 2016

2019 Top 3 Methods To Reset Password in SQL Server – 100% Working

 “Recently I have installed SQL Server Express 2008 R2 on my personal system. Since then, I was busy with some schedules, due to which now I have

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database autogrowth

Learn About Database Autogrowth in SQL Server

 Overview SQL Server provides various maintenance tasks for the proper management of data system such as creating tables, defining databases, performing the integrity of data checks, shrinking

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Enhanced AlwaysOn High Availability with SQL Server 2014

 SQL Server 2014 has been available in a variety of versions and functionalities since the beginning of April, bringing many new features and improvements to cloud integration

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