database autogrowth

Learn About Database Autogrowth in SQL Server

 Overview SQL Server provides various maintenance tasks for the proper management of data system such as creating tables, defining databases, performing the integrity of data checks, shrinking

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Enhanced AlwaysOn High Availability with SQL Server 2014

 SQL Server 2014 has been available in a variety of versions and functionalities since the beginning of April, bringing many new features and improvements to cloud integration

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Tips To Optimize Tempdb in SQL Server

 Tempdb is used for many operations such as user created temporary objects, internal temporary objects, version stores, ,ARS etc. It is shared across all databases and connections

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Recover Deleted Stored Procedure / Views – Simple Guide

 “Recently I deleted the stored procedure in SQL server database which was huge in size. As the database was getting heavier, it was taking most of the

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How to Check Accidental Update And Delete Operations in SQL Server

 Introduction In multi-user environments, users may perform UPDATE and DELETE operations in the SQL Server database even without applying WHERE condition. Well, it is very common scenario

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View SQL Transaction Log: Fn_dblog Function vs SysTools Log Analyzer

 Have you ever thought about how SQL Server logs track the transactions and what information SQL Server saves in the transaction log file? Well, SQL Server keeps

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How to Prevent SQL Database Corruption – Useful Tips

 SQL Database corruption has become such a common incident these days that any database can get infected anytime. No matter which security measures you implement, there is

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end 2008

End of Life Support for SQL Server 2008/ 2008 R2: Plan Your Migration Now

 Say Goodbye to SQL Server 2008 & 2008 R2 as Microsoft Drops Support for it Warning! If your organization is using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, then

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SQL Backup tips

How to Make a Strong Disaster Recovery Plan with SQL Database Backup

 Backing up crucial data is the most valuable task in today’s time. It can be possibility that users may face issues like system failure, malfunctioning, power crashed

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sql server error 4064

What to Do with SQL Server Error 4064?

 “Yesterday, when I was trying to connect with my MS SQL Server 2005, I received an error message “Cannot open user default database. Login failed”. And, it

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