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SQLMVP is an informative blog site where all types of SQL related issues are discussed along with the ways to resolve them. It acts as an information pool for those who are passionate about MS SQL Server and constantly work on it. The main goal of this blog is to help programmers sort out the issues they may encounter while using SQL Server. The blog provides accurate technical content dedicated to the SQL professionals as well as the beginners who are new to SQL database. The team of SQL MVP aims to share precise and easy to understand information with the developers and administrators of SQL. It acts as a common interactional platform where anyone can interact with the experts by posting queries or feedbacks. Our team understands the value of data in the lives of developers. Keeping that in mind, we do our best to deliver content that has been reviewed and edited professionally to the highest quality possible, both;grammatically and technically.

Mainstays of SQLMVP

Besides dealing with SQL Server troubleshooting in his professional life in New York city (Brooklyn), Andrew Jackson, who originally resides in India has been hosting the community with his two DBA partners, Puran Kandpal and Naveen Sharma. Andrew jackson has an experience of more than four years in working on SQL Server. In his professional experience he likes sharing his knowledge about troubleshooting tips and ideas on SQL Server. Both of his partners, Puran and Naveen, have been working on SQL Server for nearly 2 years and have made a major contribution with their articles on In addition, they are expertly handling the backend process of also. Puran and Naveen, both, have specialized skills in dealing with various sectors of SQL Server yet provide solution as a team. Working closely with a number of MVPs, the contributors ensure providing tried and tested solutions and workarounds to user problems.

SQL MVP blog discusses about the problems related to SQL Server to bring out the best solutions for the unsolved queries concerning SQL. It focuses mainly on educating SQL Server users to help them solve the queries as soon as possible. Even though the expert teams are behind this blog, any types of end user queries are encouraged and our team will try to get back with quick and accurate answers. The blog mainly aims to build a community hub for all the Microsoft Valued Professionals of SQL Server and the developers so that all can interact to get the most accurate, relevant, timely and technically strong information for resolving queries.

The Blog Ensures:

  • Technically strong and accurate content
  • Quick Replies to all the issues
  • Content that has been professionally reviewed
  • Interactive Platform for all the SQL Server users
  • Easy to understand solution