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Ultimate Guide On How to Recover Deleted Data from SQL Log File

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If for any reason – some table records get deleted from the database then, no need to worry about. It is possible to rollback the executed query and retrieve deleted data from sql table in SQL Server. However, with management studio, the entire SQL data recovery from log file becomes cumbersome. Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide a one-stop-solution that let you how to recover deleted data from SQL Transaction Log file.

How to Rollback Deleted Data in SQL Server From Log File?

We cannot afford to lose any record during recovery from manual workaround. So, it is recommended to use SysTools SQL Log Analyzer Software. It is an ultimate solution to view log file of SQL Server and export the deleted records back into the SQL database. It can work without SQL Server application. Let’s understand how this software works and recover deleted data from SQL Server table by Transaction log file.

Full Guide on How to Recover Deleted data from SQL Log file in SQL Server 2008 or Above Versions

Step 1: First of all, to restore deleted data of SQL database, you need to add its Log file in the software. So, it can analyze and find all the committed records. To do this, click on Open.

Step 2: Tool offers two options to load SQL database – Online DB Option & Offline DB Option.

Online DB Option:- This option let you directly upload the SQL transaction log file from live SQL Environment. If a user opt this option, then input the Server name and Authentication type. Afterward establishing the successful connection with SQL Server, choose the database under the Select Database section.

Offline DB Option:- This option is beneficial when you do not have SQL Server installation in the system. Here, user need to enter the LDF file manually along with MDF file. In case, the Log & MDF file are available on the same location then, tool will automatically upload MDF file just after selecting the Log file. Primary database file is required to read database schema only.

Step 3: After scanning the log file, the software provides a complete transaction detail along with Login Name, Time, Table Name, Transaction Name, Query. Here, you can easily analyze when the delete query run on the database at what time from which user login.

Step 4: Click on Export to recover deleted data from SQL Log file.

Step 5: An Export window open on the screen. Here, check the Delete transaction type under Export Filters option to retrieve deleted data from SQL table.

Step 6: Software also provides Date Filter to export transaction of particular timeline. Just provide a certain date range in From & To boxes. Afterward, the tool automatically export the data according to the provided details.

Step 7: Now, select the location where you want to recover deleted data from SQL Log file. Here, three options are available – SQL Server Database, SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts, CSV.

Step 8: Once you select the place, click on Export button.

Step 9: After the successful recovery of deleted records from SQL log file, tool provides you a summary report file that can be saved into the system in CSV file format.


That’s all about how to recover deleted data from SQL Log file. This solution helps you in many disastrous situation and perform sql data recovery from log file without any fail.