database mirroring setup check

Important Things to Consider When Setting Up Database Mirroring In SQL Server

 When properly and fully configured, the mirroring system enables high availability of the database. However, when studied in detail a number of other factors are also associated

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Do Not Shrink Database Files

Why to Prevent Shrinking Data Files In SQL Server?

 A few days earlier, we were approached by a client who had a SQL Server database of very large size and it was surpassing their disk space.

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Dynamic Data Masking in SQL Server

How To Implement SQL Server Dynamic Data Masking?

 SQL Server 2016 added a new data protection feature known as Data Masking in SQL Server. It allows user to limit the sensitive data by masking it

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SQL Server log shipping configuration

Step By Step Configuration of Log Shipping in SQL Server

 What is SQL Server Log Shipping ? Log shipping in SQL Server provides a disaster recovery solution at the database level. A log-shipping configuration involves two or

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Preventing Accidental Update or Delete

Procedure For Preventing Accidental Update or Delete In a SQL Server Table

 Overview The users of SQL Server database needs to make sure that their data is protected from any kind of silly mistakes that could lead to a

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