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Ways to Fix SQL Server Error Code 3417

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Microsoft SQL Server is the most popular and robust relational database management system. This application is widely used in organizations to store and manage data. Due to different reasons the user have to face different problems, SQL Server error code 3417 is the common issue faced by the database administrators. Let us have a look at this query asked by the user in the forum site.

“Please help when I tried to start the SQL Server I got an error like this Windows could not start the SQL server on local computer error code 3417. Can anybody know the exact reason behind this problem? Is there have any issues with MDF and the LDF files? If so can anyone help me to provide an instant solution to this problem?”

sql server error code 3217
If you are facing a similar issue or this error, then in this article we will discuss the reason behind this problem and also the best possible issue to resolve this issue. Before coming to the solution part let us first discuss the reason issue.

Main Causes of SQL Server Error 3417

There are various reasons behind the Windows could not start the SQL server on local computer error code 3417. Some of which are discussed below.

  1. Due to corruption issues such as hardware failure, virus attack, or corruption in the MDF and NDF file.
  2. In case of changes or modification in windows settings, such as the SQL Server folder movement.
  3. If any inconsistency occurs in the network account for the data folder in the program files.

Fix Windows Could Not Start the SQL Server On Local Computer Error Code 3417

The user can try the below discussed ways to tackle this problem

Method 1: First check if whether the MDF file is compressed

    • Find the .mdf database file click on properties.

fix error steps 1

    • Click on the Advanced button.

fix error steps 2

    • Uncheck the option compress content to save disks space.

fix error steps 3
Method2: By Granting the Network Permission in the Folder

  1. First Go to the data folder and then click on Security / Permissions.
  2. Now add the network service account, check whether the issue resolved or not.

Method 3: Repair Corrupted SQL database with SQL Database Recovery

In case if you have tried above two ways to Windows could not start the SQL Server on the local computer error code 3417 problems, and still, you are facing this problem then there is a corruption occur in the SQL database. So in that case, the user can take the help of  SQL Database Recovery. By using this software the user can easily recover the SQL database objects such as SQL tables, stored procedure, triggers, functions, etc. Also, it helps to preview the deleted SQL tables record in color. Also, this software is compatible with SQL Server 2019 and its below version. For complete information, the user can try the demo version of this software.

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Note: The user can also read the post How to recover SQL database from MDF/ NDF files.

Final Words

In this article, We have discussed the reasons for Windows could not start the SQL server on local computer error code 3417. Also, we have discussed the reasons for this problem. The user can try the manual ways to fix this issue. If the problem is still there then the user can use the SQL Recovery tool to recover MDF database file easily.