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Recover Deleted Stored Procedure / Views – Simple Guide

👤 Naveen Sharma | Modified: May 8th, 2023|SQL | 5 Minutes Reading

“Recently I deleted the stored procedure in SQL server database which was huge in size. As the database was getting heavier, it was taking most of the storage space from the SQL server. Last week I came across with a query which was related to the Stored procedure, I need to access the same for some purpose. I have the backup of that deleted stored procedure, but I am not sure whether I could restore it back to the SQL server database. Is there some approach on how to recover deleted stored procedure in SQL Server using the manual method?”

Recover Deleted Stored Procedure/ Views in SQL Server – Manual Method

One can recover the deleted database objects like stored procedure, views, functions, etc by restoring them from the backup in point-in-time

Here are the steps to implement the same:

  • Firstly, launch MS SQL Server Management Studio and select the Databases
  • Right-click on the Databases and select Restore Database option
  • Under Source for restore section, select From Device and click on the Browse button
  • Then, click Add from the Specify Backup dialog box
  • Now, browse the location of the restored flat files and select the backup file containing the point-in-time to restore and click OK
  • From the Select the backup sets to restore section, ensure to check the backup which is being added
  • Under Destination for restore section, select the database to be restored
  • Then, click the browse button corresponding to the To a point in time section
  • After which, the Point in time restore wizard will appear
  • Select A specific date and time option to restore and mention the date and time from which the data will be restored back to the database
  • After that, on the extreme left pane, select the Options and make the selections as mentioned below,
    • Under Restore options, mark the option corresponding to Overwrite to existing database and uncheck the remaining options
    • Under Recovery state section, choose the radio button of RESTORE WITH RECOVERY and unmark the remaining radio buttons
  • Now, click OK to begin the restore operation
  • After which the restored database can be viewed with only the particular changes which is specified in point-in-time

“I accidentally deleted a stored procedure from my SQL server database and unfortunately I have no backup of my database. I need to restore back the database object else I will be in trouble. But, I am not sure whether I will be able to restore back my stored procedure. So, I need to rely to some professional tool which will help me in recovering the deleted stored procedure from the database. Could someone suggest some top-notch software to recover deleted stored procedure in SQL server? Kindly revert back at the earliest possible. Thank you!”

Smart Solution to Recover Deleted Stored Procedure/ Views/ Functions

There is one reliable solution to recover deleted views /stored procedures and all other database objects ie by using MDF Repair Tool. It is a multi-functioned tool which is capable to scan and recover tables, stored procedure, rules, functions, triggers, etc. It performs an advanced scan to repair the SQL database which includes both primary and secondary database files.

With the help of this tool, one can easily scan and restore multiple NDF files. It provides an option to recover the MDF file from the database server. Also shows the preview of deleted SQL database objects in red color. Moreover, it provides a smooth approach to retrieve the corrupted MDF and NDF files and helps to export it back to the SQL Server Database. This utility works with SQL Server 2019 / 2017/ 2016 /2014 / 2012 / 2008 / 2008R2 and its below versions.


How does SQL Recovery Software Works?

  • First of all, download and launch SQL Recovery utility on your computer
  • Click Open from the menubar and choose the desired MDF file from the saved location


  • After that, browse and open the MDF file to recover deleted database objects from the SQL serveradd-mdf-file
  • Now, select the Scan Options and choose Advance Scan in case of highly corrupted MDF or NDF fileschoose-scan-mode


  • Now, the software starts scanning the MDF file and shows the report of the selected MDF file as shown below


  • After that, the software shows a preview of the recovered database of both MDF and NDF files


  • Now, click Export to export the recovered tables, view, stored procedure and other objects.


  • There are two options to export the database to the desired format i.e.,SQL Server Database and SQL Server Compatible Scripts


  • By this, all the deleted views, stored procedure, tables are recovered back to the database


Regardless of taking various precautions to protect the SQL Server, accidents can occur any time leading to major consequences. This blog has explained in a simple way to recover the deleted view, stored procedure and all other database object using manual and automated method. Tech-savvys can go for manual method, else use the recommended tool which is discussed above. The tool has got a simple interface by which even a naive users can easily execute it.