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How to Prevent SQL Database Corruption – Useful Tips

👤 Naveen Sharma | Modified: May 8th, 2023|SQL | 5 Minutes Reading

SQL Database corruption has become such a common incident these days that any database can get infected anytime. No matter which security measures you implement, there is always a chance of database to get damaged. In case of moderate to severe types of database corruption, the entire database items may become inaccessible. This can prove to be catastrophic for any business organization. That is why, it is important that every organization should take necessary steps to prevent SQL database corruption.

In this write-up, we will share with you several useful tips that will help to prevent SQL database corruption. Prior to that, let’s read some queries:

“Hello Experts! I am aware of the fact that SQL Server database become corrupt at any time. Since it contains valuable information, I want to safeguard the database from all types of damage and corruption. Kindly share any tips and tricks you know on how to prevent SQL Database corruption. Thanks in advance.”

“Recently, we had some suspicious behavior in the database. Though we were able to fix those issues immediately, but this could have led to database corruption if left undiagnosed. Therefore, our organization wants to take proper preventive measures to save the database from corruption. If you know any tips that helps to avoid SQL database corruption, please let me know.”

Prevent Database Corruption by Making Smart Moves

The common causes of database being corrupted are Power outrage, hardware failure, faulty disk drivers, IO Subsystem etc. SQL Database corruption can occur anytime without any prior signal. So, users must remain alert about database corruption and opt preventive measures to prevent SQL database corruption.

Here are some of the actions that you can take to prevent database from getting corrupt.

  • Proper Maintenance of Hardware and Software

The best way to keep the SQL database corruption away is to maintain all hardware and software related to the database. In order to stay away from hardware failure, you need to regularly check hardware-errors and memory as well as monitor the functionality of the network very carefully. All these will help you avoid hardware failure. If any issue arises during this checking, it can be solved immediately. For software maintenance, always remain careful about the activity of the database. If you notice any malfunctioning, some virus of malware might be responsible for this. To prevent such situations, always use a good anti-virus application.

  • Always Keep Track of Database Size and Disk Space

It is evident that corruption of a large database file is more difficult to resolve than a corrupt small-sized database, not to mention the higher chances of corruption of a large database. So it is important to watch the size of your database consistently. When you see a database getting large, it is wise to divide the database in multiple parts. This action will also help to free up more disk space and as a result, the experience of running the database will be smooth.

  • Keep Database Updated and Optimized

Since slow queries utilizes excess resources, creating database problems. Users should find out and monitor slow running queries of a database using scripts. By creating appropriate queries, users can modify the queries and thus bring back the SQL Server is a stable mode. This type of regular monitoring will help to get better performance of the SQL Server. Always keep your database updated to avoid any type of issue.

  • Correctly Shut Down Database

Cold or improper shut down of your database can lead to various grave issues. To avoid them, database must be shut down correctly every single time. If the database has a large number of users, this rule has to be followed strictly to avoid SQL Database corruption.

  • Don’t Restart or Upgrade SQL Server During Minor Issues

Some of us tend to restart the SQL server if anything is not working properly or if the database is running slow. If the database is having some minor corruption and it gets restarted, the situation might get worse. Another thing that you must not do in order to prevent SQL database corruption is to upgrade SQL Server into a higher version for corruption removal. Thus, the database may get severely damaged

What if SQL Server Database is Corrupted ?

Despite taking these actions,sometimes database can become damaged. If your MDF file gets corrupted due to any reason, there is no need to get panic. MDF Repair Tool is here to help you in all cases of corruption. Whether it is a minor damage or a severe corruption case, this software is equipped to remove all type of corruption from MDF/NDF File. The application makes the database completely in healthy state and ready to run without any flaws. The software is capable to support SQL Server versions 2017, 2016 & all its below versions.


In this post, we have shared various ways that can be proven useful to prevent database corruption. Users are welcome to try these methods suggested by the SQL experts to avoid SQL Database corruption. However, implementation of any of these does not guarantee corruption free database. For that case, if SQL Server database get corrupt due to any reasons, users should go for professional approach ie SQL Recovery Tool. It help to remove all kinds of SQL database corruption and get back the healthy state of your database.