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New Features in SSMS for SQL Server 2016

👤 Naveen Sharma | Modified: May 8th, 2023|SQL Server 2016 | 4 Minutes Reading

The newly released version of SQL Server incorporated with new improved features that have been added for the enhancement of performance. Since every new version of SQL Server comes up with better features in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), SQL Server 2016 also comes with new features.

In this article we will talk over different features that are added in SQL Server Management Studio for SQL server version 2016.

Tip: New Features in SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1

About SQL Server Management Studio for SQL 2016

The windows SSMS 2016 is very functional and efficient environment that allows the SQL users to perform the following:

  • Customization of user environment
  • Maximization of user workspace for editing the queries
  • Reduced number of unused windows displayed at one time
  • User can control the space allocation for different information
  • Windows can be moved anywhere on the screen
  • Windows can be removed and dragged out of SSMS
  • Auto hide feature which will display the windows as a tab

General New Features in SQL Server Management Studio 2016

  • The SQL Server Management Studio 2016 has Integrated Server database engine management and authoring.
  • The user of SSMS for SQL Server can perform most of the administrative tasks.
  • The Management Studio 2016 features integrated Web browser for fast browsing.
  • Help option from online communities, if the user has any query or problem they can go for online help.
  • Resizable dialogs allowing access of multiple tools while a dialog box is open.
  • Export/Import SSMS Server Registration from one Management Studio environment to other.
  • The XML Showplans or Deadlock files of SQL server profile can be saved and can be reviewed later.
  • User can copy the error and informational messages to clipboard that allows users to mail the messages to support team.
  • It has integrated database mail interface.

Discussing the Major features of SQL Server Management Studio 2016 In Depth

    • Installation from Internet

User can install SQL Server Management Studio 2016 from the Internet, in previous versions user needs to install the client tools with the help of SQL server DVD. Now the installation can be done with web installer that can be easily downloaded from the internet. When user will run the installer, it will download the required packages itself.

    • Automatic Updates

The user will receive the automatic updates with SQL Server Management Studio 2016, which will automatically checks online for the updates. User also can manually check for the recent updates by clicking the “Check for Updates” options present in Tools menu.

    • Save Open Queries

There is a very beneficial new feature in SQL Server Management Studio for SQL server 2016 in which user is free save open queries when quitting the program. The users can choose if they want Management Studio to save the open queries.

    • Edit Rows without SSMS Crash

The newer version of SQL Server Management Studio overcomes the limitation of previous versions. In previous version whenever users try to edit the rows from a view, SSMS crashes. But now user can modify the view’s data by clicking the “Edit Top 200 Rows” option that can edit top 200 rows. In addition, the SQL Server Management Studio will not crash. However, this option will not update every view because some view cannot be updated.

    • SQL Server Management Studio Azure Integration

SQL Server versions have been enhancing their cloud services with every release. Now the database, properties dialogs and table designer can work with Azure SQL Database v12. It helps in data storage and allows user to make relational queries against the data improving high data availability, business continuity, etc.


In the article, we have discussed some of the new features in SQL server management studio for SQL server 2016 that has undoubtedly enhances efficiency and performance. In addition to this, these features also overcome limitations of all its previous versions.