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DBCC CHECKDB Repair_Allow_Data_Loss Does Not Work Problem

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Summary: This problem tackling blog will discuss what to do when DBCC CHECKDB Repair_Allow_Data_Loss Does Not Work. So we have given the best and reliable solution to recover the SQL database easily. Read this blog to know more…

When we talk about relational database management system Microsoft SQL server is among the most preferred RDBMS system. Its a versatile and efficient application which helps to store the data requested by other applications. But we know that the SQL Server database is also vulnerable to the corruption problem. DBCC commands are used to repair the corrupted SQL database. But these are also not a reliable solution.

DBCC CHECKDB commands are used to check the physical and logical integrity of the SQL database. It has three repair options Repair_Allow_Data_Loss, Repair_Rebuilt, Repair_Fast. The execution of these commands will only fix the mild level of corruptions present in the database. So, in that case, the user can try the MS SQL database recovery software to resolve the corruption issues in the SQL database. Before proceeding to the solution part to resolve the problem DBCC Checkdb Repair_Allow_Data_Loss Does Not Work let us understand the why the user has to face SQL database corruption problem.

Reason Behind SQL Database Corruption Problem

There are various reasons behind SQL database get damaged. Some of which are discussed below.

  1. Due to abrupt system shutdown when the SQL database is open.
  2. In case of Bugs present in SQL server.
  3. Due to any virus or malware infection.
  4. The SQL database can be corrupted due to hard disk failure, sudden power failure issue.

And Sometimes SQL user tried to repair the corrupted database by using the DBCC Checkdb Repair_Allow_Data_Loss command. But this command is not always the best solution to bring the database to a consistent state. Because of the execution of this command is successful then it will result in loss of data.


What To Do DBCC Checkdb Repair_Allow_Data_Loss Does Not Work

As we know that repairing the corrupt database with the help of manual commands is not a reliable solution. So to deal with all types of corruption issues the user can try SQL database recovery software to recover corrupted MDF file. This software can easily fix all the major as well as minor level corruption in the SQL database. Also, the user can easily restore the SQL server database objects such as Tables, functions, rules, triggers, stored procedures. The user can perform the effortless database recovery without losing a single bit of data. Moreover, this software has a self-explanatory user interface so that everyone can easily use this software with ease.

Final Words

Most of the SQL DBA wants to keep the SQL server database in a healthy state. But sometimes due to corruption problem the user has to face problems. The user can try to resolve the corruption problem by using the DBCC CHECKDB console commands. So in this article, we have discussed what to do when DBCC Checkdb Repair_Allow_Data_Loss Does Not Work to resolve the corruption problem. The user can also try to take the help of an automated solution to resolve this issue.